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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Posted by Najwa at 8:22 PM
Hello's been so long kn I x update belog.. sy?? sudah bertukar status..
dh xde cik2 lg dh..hee..i'm not single anymore..
and in a few days nih..i realised..yg pras rupa seseorg 2 mmg xpnting a serious relationship..ble kte dh syg..wlau dtgnyer pon guy yg hensem
xkn brubah syg kte kt boy 2..I'm juz confuse to choose..
the first guy,he's funny..lau nk cte prob..mmg dy bg support yg spnuhnyer..
it makes me feell d other boy..dy matang..
but sy xbley cte ppe cam sy cte kt boy ptama tuh.but..d first boy dunno
larh yg sy dh coup..oohh confusing..

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