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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Posted by Najwa at 4:55 AM
Hyep sume..dh lme kn x post entry..huhu..xrually..xde idea nk post entry
So,,first of allz,,thnx to Roha krn sudi menjenguk belog ini..
hee..n give superb comments for my ikn greng...
so,,today..i would like to share a poem..
yg i create snirik..hee..idea utk menulis poem nih timbul ble
si ziemah mtk tlong create kn poem for her homework
so ble di post kn kt fb si tiema n shazni ckp bst..
so i decide nk sharekn kt belog..
H - have a healthy body
E- Eager to eat healthy food
A- A plate with full of salad
D - Does that one of the tips of to gain healthy body
T - True absolutely yes
O - Other than that an exercise need to be done
T - To make me grow healthier, stronger n Taller
O - ooohh..don't be jealous with us as we have an interesting poem
E - Eventhough it is hard to prepare for our lovely Teacher Rafidah.thank you
p/s : Tcer Rafidah nih Zimah's english teacher..

Enjoy Reading..

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