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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Posted by Najwa at 8:41 PM
Ini telah di tag oleh dak tiema nih..thnx syg..huhu
1.Real name : Nur Najwa Bt.Nor Azlan
2.Nick Name : Wawa,Najwa,,chumill(haha..keperasanan melanda,,dilarang jelezz..hee)
3.Zodiac Sign : Scorpio
4.Male or female : Of course larh female..
5.Elementary School : skpp
6.High school : SMKPP,SMKAP
7.College : Universiti Teknologi Petronas (Ehem2..future larh kot..)huhu
8.Hair Colour : Black
9.Tall or short : eh2..tgk org larh..of course larh tall
10.Sweat or jeans : Jeans
11.Phone or camera : Both!!
12.Health freak :lalala
13.Orange or apple : both delicious..yum2x..
14. Do you have a crush on someone?: of course..lots of time actually..hee
15.Eat or drink :both i saapuu
16.Piercings :hehehe..yucks..
17.Pepsi or coke :huhu..i love both
1.Been in an airplane : yes..mse kcik2..huhu
2.Been in relationship : currently
3.Been in a car accident: never!!
4.Been a first fight : yes..
1.First household chores : huhuhuhu
2.First best friend : abdolutely dini..
3.First award : Pljr pling chumill..haha..(jgn jelezz)
4.First crush : isk2..don't wanna say anything about it..
5.First word : dunno..
6.First section :?????
7.Last person you talked to in person : hehe..ntah larhh..
8.Last person you texted : him..huhu
9.Last person you watched a movie with : adeq2 tsyg..
10.Last food you ate : kek coklat ibu..yummy...
11.Last movie you watched : Harry poter..

Enjoy Reading..

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