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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Simple n Trouble

Posted by Najwa at 11:21 AM

Hello to all the readers of this blog..

So how are you???

getting more better life each day right??

but me???i think it is even worse than before..

why???because of this guy stuff i guess...

hurmm..have you ever heard of this word??

"Single is simple,Couple is Trouble"..

So,what is your opinion about that word???

is it true???or maybe it's exactly wrong???

hurmmm..sometimes..i really feel lonely without "him"..

but i must admit that he's not mine...

i'm sick of it..

i regret of getting involve in his life..

too much girls..

give too much trouble...

guess the time had come for me to change..

change for a better najwa..

and gain my happy life back..isn'it..

forget him..hurmm..guess that is the best way..

okay..gotta go..nyte + morning allz...

thnx for reading my "celoteh" yg merapu rapu nih..


Enjoy Reading..

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